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Client Testimonials

Testimonials from our satisfied clients

We had absolutely no idea what we were doing when it came time to make a decision for my husband’s Medicare. When I contacted Mr. Morris he was able to answer all of our questions along with explaining in detail the different options that would meet our needs. He was very professional and thorough and we are very thankful for all that he did for us.

Karen Sanders

As the Manager of an elderly apartment complex, I often see Norman with my tenants. Norman is always professional and works with each person individually as long as it’s needed to get all the questions, services, etc. covered. The tenants are always happy to see him and he never hesitate to come by the complex as many times as it’s called upon.

Selena Sutton

My husband turned 65 this July, starting in January we were bombarded with mail, phone calls, and more information than we needed, about Medicare making the process of choosing a supplemental insurance and medicine plan extremely difficult. Norman came to our house and took his time explaining all the options to us. He then left us to digest all we had learned. Norman returned a week later and patiently answered any additional questions we had. Norman did not make us feel pressured in any way to choose his services, and then helped us navigate this new part in our lives.

Norman Morris was very informative in guiding us through all the many choices when my husband turned 65, and was seeking the best option for a supplement to Medicare. It was easy to understand the choices, and he was very good at following up on all the eventual details and communication involved in getting our policy in place. I highly recommend him for your insurance needs. He is truly looking to help you find the best available option.




Kate Barber

Norman has gone out of his way to help my mother with her insurance needs for the last couple years. He is very informative and knowledgeable about what plans best suit her needs and patiently answers all her questions. He never pressures her into a plan and encourages her to talk to Dr and let him know what they think is best and we greatly appreciate Norman for all of his help.





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